Student Stylings

By Alex Saunders

Drinking To Death?

Just a splash, a glass, a bottle... Drinking, it's often seen as a major social aspect of University but is it dangerous to us?


It’s A No From Me

Following on from my summer favourites I began considering the things I'm not so keen on and have been more vigilant to them since I wrote that post than every before.

I Wanna Take You to A Gay Bar

Last Friday I was in Brighton, and when in Brighton you take photos with graffiti, try insta-famous food and go to a gay club!

First Day Survival

Whether starting University for the first time or returning for another year it's never easy to get back to's how to survive!

Get It Together

Organisation, it helps keep your room, mind and life clean, so here's some of the ways I organise my wardrobe to make my life easier.

Flying Solo

All too often we put ourselves down for being alone- viewing it as a negative trait to enjoy time to ourselves. Well this summer I began to do more things alone that previously would've scared me.

Fresher’s Survival Guide

It's early September and that means nationwide older students are beginning to awake from their summer long slumber, keen first years- two weeks on from results are packing their rooms into boxes and clubs are preparing for the new batch of students to arrive!

Just Keep Swimming

Swimming, it's great fun right? To enhance your experience make sure you pick the right pair of swimwear- whether going to the pool, sea or just rock pooling you need to look the part! Here's my suggestions for next time you go swim short shopping.

Summer Lovin’

It's nearly the end of August- that means soon everyone's heading back to school, college or University- shocked that Summer is already over (but don't worry, officially it doesn't end until September 22nd!). With this in mind I decided to look over my Summer 2017 favourites just as the season nears it end.

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