Emotionally Hanging

You know when you have an amazing day and think nothing can ever live up to this, how could it? it's been amazing. Then the next day or even later that day when it's all slowed down you find yourself in a slump?


‘Call Me By Your Name’ Film vs Book

Often books are taken adapted into feature length films and as a result both receive great popularity. One example of this was 'Call Me By Your Name' a gay love story set in Italy. After the film was praised so highly I just had to watch it and then I just had to read the book too!

March Favourites

So March just ended. In that month we had snow, the clocks went forward and apparently arch just ended.Spring is here... yet often that seems to be in question based on the weather. It was an odd month but one which I rather enjoyed overall so here's what I loved last month.

All Shapes & Sizes

Jeans. They come in all kids of fits, skinny, super skinny, slim, straight, bootcut, the list goes on. But what's the real difference between them all? I tried on three different cuts in the same size range in H&M to see how different they would all really be.

Fitness Clothing Haul

This year I have really put some effort into my exercise- I try to exercise every week day through runs, the gym or classes. Yet I was merely sticking to my basic Primark tops and the only exercise clothes I had were my trainers and Adidas tracksuits- I needed the rest of the kit to match!

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