Student Stylings

By Alex Saunders

Style & Me: A Relationship

Today I love my style and the clothes I wear; I have received compliments on my sense of dress but it's not always been this way.

Summer Sun

As the Spring has come and the Summer is in sight many people are beginning to don the shorts

Living In Greyscale

I was once asked what my favourite colour is for clothes and soon realised the answer isn't a simple one.

Backpacks Are Forever

The backpack has recently comeback into fashion, though it never truly went away, as we've realised their simplistic brilliance.

One Week Outfit

After a recent conversation about wearing the same thing on multiple days, I decided to try wearing the same outfit for not just two random days but five in a row!

How To Style: Harrington Jacket

The Harrington is a great jacket because it's so versatile! It will go with practically everything you wear and no situation is off limits.

Workout Wear

The gym. Sport. Exercise. Easy to view these as your enemy, but as a student it's more important than ever that we stay healthy

Surviving A Student Day

Sometimes it can tough to get through your day as a student; we all learn little tricks to help us manage through the tough hours of our day.

About 18

Approaching my 19th Birthday I decided to reflect on my year as an 18 year old- what I learnt about myself and the world

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