Student Stylings

By Alex Saunders

Edit Your Old Jeans

Sometimes your jeans become a little faded or don't fit so well after wearing them so often. But rather than just throwing them away why not edit them for future use

Think Pink

It's summer the sun is out, so are your legs and the BBQ- but what colour will you be sporting this year? My suggestion for this summer is to grab those pink threads

My D of E Journey

Cold, tired, accomplished- just some of the ways to describe the journey to undertake my Duke of Edinburgh Award.

The End of the Beginning

Back in September I arrived at Uni with a car filled with my possessions, feeling well rested and excited to start a new adventure...

Festival Fashion

With the summer fast approaching, the festival season is nearly upon us! That means if you've got plans to attend one this year you better start thinking about what you'll be wearing

All About Giving Good Face

For many people it is normal to take care of yourself and have good hygiene; many of us strive to look good in what we wear but at what point does it become embarrassing to some men to look after their faces in particular?

Scents & Sensibility

Whilst it's one thing to look good- when people get closer they'll notice smaller details about you including how you smell.

The Key Outfits of Halls

As I near the end of my time living in Halls I looked back at 3 of the key outfits of Halls

Style & Me: A Relationship

Today I love my style and the clothes I wear; I have received compliments on my sense of dress but it's not always been this way.

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