Student Stylings

By Alex Saunders

Upcycle Your Fancy Dress

Back in February I went on a night out dressed as love-able cartoon character 'Arthur'- to create this outfit I had to buy some key items of clothing but really as a student if I'm buying anything I need to be able to re-wear it.


What’s In A Name?

Those shoes you love from that one brand but they cost a lot- are they really worth it? I weighed up the options of buying the genuine version of shoes or choosing a cheaper version from a high street store.

Suited or Booted: Interview Looks

Interviews, whether it be for University, a new job or a simple application we all have to go to one eventually; you want to get the look right to help you ace the interview.

Edit: Jumper Minimalism

We clear our wardrobes in April with a Spring Clean and by July you'll be grateful you just moved them to under the bed as you can once again edit your old clothes for fresh summer style. This time I'm tackling hoodies!

Big Sober Night Out

Going out it's a classic way to spend a Friday night in your late teens but what if you decide not to drink?

A Very Gay Day

Last Saturday I attended my very first Pride in London, it was one of the best days I have ever had!

Summer Bye List

So to have a stylish summer I would avoid these trends, please if not for yourself then everyone around you- it's common courtesy.

Summer Shoes

The Summer is here so grab your shoes and get outside in the hot weather whilst it lasts!

Bargain Hunt

Being a student it's time to start considering all the ways you can hold on to your pennies, for important things like a night out!

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