Student Stylings

By Alex Saunders

Not Quite Spring Cleaning

It's cold outside, presents are appearing under the tree and you just don't want to do anything. But now is the perfect time to have a mini clear out!


Christmas Jumpers

Time to grab your ugliest, most outrageous knitted gear out from behind your decorations where they have waited 11 months to blind the world once again.

Local Tourism to the Max

Why keep tourism abroad?...Well then bring it in closer, bring it home- to your Uni town.

November Favourites

My favourites this month reflect the warm, cosy vibes of November.

Top and Tail It

It's somehow December already. It's also cold, like really cold. So it's time to grab your hats and scarves to top off your outfits! Or even use them as them as the base for a whole look if you want.

Run Boy, Run.

Exercise. A foreign concept to many students- at least that's the stigma. I personally got into running as a student so I disagree completely, but why do I run? And how do I motivate myself?

I Let An App Choose My Outfits

Wouldn't it be great if there was app which would make all your decisions for you? Well there just may be one!

Go Retro

Recently I've been looking to add something different to my wardrobe, a real stand out item.That's why I decided to look for a retro style jacket

Gunwharf’s Best Winter Wear

Halloween is over, Christmas is coming- it's basically winter. It's a time of year to start getting your winter wardrobe ready so you can be warm and stylish for the next few months.

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