Best Bomber

Back in January I acquired this jacket thanks to a GAP gift card, it has now been dubbed 'the jacket' whenever it is worn and it's pretty great! A jacket is an essential for every man but it's great to really explore different kinds.


Getting Tattooed Up

Tattoos. There's many people who are here for them and love them. There's also a lot of people who think they're terrible. But it's all about self expression and personal choice. What if you, like me, are interested in the idea of a tattoo but have some serious commitment fears?

Miracle Mask?

Recently my sister offered me a face mask and figured I'll try anything that's supposed to help my skin, because what's the harm right? Well when I looked into it a little more it is supposed to be most amazing mask out there. Now I simply couldn't say no...well here's how it went.

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