A Very Gay Day

Last Saturday I attended my very first Pride in London, it was one of the best days I have ever had!

pridefaceI had no idea what to expect from Pride but knew I was excited to go. Starting early by getting a very busy train to London it became clear that there were a fair few other people also on their way to Pride- whilst other passengers seemed at a loss to what was happening. London as usual was very busy but apart from the spattering of people with glitter adorned faces and pride flags it could’ve been any other day at Waterloo station.

Naturally for such a large social event drinking began from 11:00 am -along with the extremely important application of glitter. Moving to Trafalgar Square the number of people grew and just managing to catch part of the Parade but in reality due to the number of people there it’s not the easiest thing to see.

My previous assumption of Pride was that the Parade was the main event and it would die out shortly afterwards, however we moved onto Soho which was absolutely packed with people just being themselves and having a great time. I met a number of great people who also identified as gay or bisexual and just talking to these people felt great whether it be about coming out stories or just about University.

Perhaps the biggest take away from pride is that it reminds you you’re not alone- there as so many other people who identify like you and though it took me a moment to realise it for once I was in the majority at Pride not the minority! It was the very best gay day I’ve had. Until next year Pride…


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