Summer Bye List

At the end of 2016 I discussed the trends that needed to go, well Summer has arrived and it turns out there’s more issues this season than perhaps any other! I’ll say now that the male romper is not on here, partially because if you want to rock it do so and it’s not released everywhere yet! So to have a stylish summer I would avoid these trends, please if not for yourself then everyone around you- it’s common courtesy.

1. Shorts that are too short

short shorts

The moment you look like you’ve squeezed into your girlfriend’s hot pants and are at constant risk of the mouse coming out the house your shorts are much too short guys! It doesn’t look great to have so little material covering you especially when paired with your decision to go topless whilst walking round the town centre- do yourself a favour and wear just at least an extra inch of shorts to avoid an embarrassing public incident…

2. Three-Quater Lengths

However, having said that between the choice of these and tiny shorts do opt for short shorts because three quater lengths are not a hot look. Starting with the fact that the tan lines you’ll get as a result will be questionable to say the least, you look like a middle aged man going hiking. Stick to shorts which come to just above your knee at the longest for the best look and if you’ll be out in the sun for a long time wear the pair that are slightly shorter to ensure your tan lines aren’t so bad.

3. White Jeans

white jeans

Unless you are in the 2% who can rock these then please don’t try because it’s not a remotely hot look. Not to mention these are highly impractical- as being white means anywhere you sit, anything you eat or touch could potentially be causing long lasting undesirable colour to your jeans- and they’ll be quite a bit more expensive to replace than a white t-shirt. If you must wear them pair it with a khaki t-shirt and people will think you just left the Love Island villa.

4. Cargo Shorts

Unattractive, baggy, way out of style- strongly recommend avoiding these. To keep on trend I would suggest sticking to slim denim, chino or brighter shorts in reds or greens for a statement this summer. You’ll look great and these options will pair with practically everything making them ideal.

So go forth and dress with style this summer by avoiding these trends! What’s your least favourite summer trend this year?



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