Summer Shoes

The Summer is here so grab your shoes and get outside in the hot weather whilst it lasts, but you’ll want ones which are ideal for comfort, don’t make you overheat and look good of course. Here are my four top picks of footwear for this summer.

1. Espadrilles


A pair of espadrilles such as TOMS are a great addition to your shoe collection this summer; as a pair of comfortable canvas shoes which you can simply slip on and go out are ideal this year. I opted for a dark grey pair making them most versatile but not at risk of discolouring so quickly as a white pair may.

Suggested outfit: a plain t-shirt and pair of brightly coloured shorts for any day out- ensuring simple comfort all day.

2. White Sneakers


A pair of white sneakers like these Stan Smiths will give you proper support for your feet, it’s best to choose a leather pair for breath-ability especially with this hot weather you do not want sweaty feet! Though these may cost a little more the white shoes will go with anything and feel comfortable enough to wear all day long.

Suggested outfit: either jeans or denim shorts, a t-shirt with a checked shirt wrapped around your waist to put on as it gets later.

3. Canvas Hi-Tops


Whilst these are great for winter they can also work great in the summer. Of course not all hi-tops will work so well; I would leave the heavier footwear for the winter but a canvas pair like these Converse ones actually goes really well with a pair of shorts. Perhaps not on the hottest days of the summer but when it’s mid to high teens outside these will be perfect for a statement look.

Suggested outfit: for the bold a white t-shirt and short dungarees will make a key look, but just shorts will also look great.

4. Flip Flops


Perhaps the original summer shoe and if you don’t own a pair by now- why not? Personally I think every student should- after all you’ll have needed them thanks to showers in your halls to avoid wet feet. But really these are necessary by the beach or poolside to avoid burning your feet on the floor.

Suggested outfit: with a pair of bold swim shorts before and after a swim.

So go forward wearing some great outfits with ideal shoe choices for you. What’s your favourite summer footwear?


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