Bargain Hunt

Being a student it’s time to start considering all the ways you can hold on to your pennies, for important things like a night out! Of course we all know the basics such as buying Supermarket Brand Vodka and mixer and perhaps if we can visit Lidl or Aldi who can sometimes save you a great deal but what about savings else where? When it comes to clothes and living we often still want to get the items we desire but it’s always best to check for the cheapest option around on multiple sites following which maybe use these 5 tips for money saving!

1.NUS Card

Join your union!

These little cards are a must for students, you can get discounts on so many brands, restaurants or experiences- why say no to 40% off Pizza Express, £20 Thorpe Park tickets or 10% off at TOPMAN? Really from just £12 these cards will pay for themselves in discounts in the blink of an eye, plus buying a 3 year card will mean no worries about renewing it ever because once you’re no longer a student it’ll expire too- meaning no extra effort for you.

2.UNIDAYS & Student Beans

Expect amazing deals always!

Whilst the NUS card is accepted by a lot of places in store what about online? Now many shops which accept NUS in store will use one of these Student Scrimping sites for online discounts. One main perk of these sites- they are free to use and cover more brands, so say ‘Hello’ to H&M or ASOS discounts among many others. Often shops will boost their offers online or in store for students so look out for the email alerts.

3.16-25 Railcard

Another great card for your wallet, if like me you will travel to or from University by train for those weekend trips home then this will save you a lot. Though it again will have an initial cost saving 1/3 on all your journeys will add up making it a worthwhile spend quickly covered by this. If you’re still not sure with your NUS card you can get it for a discounted price!

4.Free entry or reduced price entry

In all honesty there is no Captain Morgan’s in this tankard…yet

This will depend on where you live or go to University but look out for clubs putting special offers on their social media or at Freshers where they may give out special wristbands. Often clubs offer a discounted entry price before 11pm or if you text a certain number, show a wristband or post your name on their social media you could be put on guest list for free entry. It’s really worth looking out for these offers if your local club does it, just the other night I got free entry and a plastic Captain Morgan’s Tankard for getting on the guest list with a text and arriving before 11pm!

5.Google & Hope

The face of finding a good deal!

Finally, if you’re not sure the brand has a specific student discount service why not try searching the brand and discounts on ‘Google’ (other search engines are available)! Though it doesn’t always work it can help a lot, personally I once stumbled across a code which saved me on a suit! Or why not sign up for the newsletter for a discounted purchase, it’s all worth a go.

In general we all like to save some money and being a student it means we want to save more than ever so take advantage of these deals now while you still can.


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