Edit Your Old Jeans

Sometimes your jeans become a little faded or don’t fit so well after wearing them so often. But rather than just throwing them away why not edit them for future use, this is perfect for students to save money especially. Fading particularly affects black jeans but the following edits would work for any pair you want to update!

First Edit: Ripped Knee Jeans

Currently it’s very in style to have a pair of ripped knee jeans but they can cost a lot more than normal jeans; so I decided to adapt an old pair of jeans myself to get the style I wanted with jeans I knew would fit well. Perhaps one of the best things about this edit is when people sarcastically ask if there’s meant to be holes you can say yes actually!

To get the look:

1. Take your old jeans and mark on them wear you want to have the knee rips. I chose to put mine on and mark this with a slight line to get it in the right place for me.

2. Make a small cut in the jeans at this line, I then inserted two pieces of cardboard to ensure I didn’t cut through both sides of the jeans (rips on the back of your knee aren’t really the look you want now is it!) Once cardboard is in just cut a little each way.

3. Pull the jeans apart a little to add to the tear until it’s as long as desired, perhaps put them back on the decide which way to rip more if at all.

4. Using sandpaper or a nail file just rub the edges of the rip to enhance the fray a little. Once this is done don the jeans and rock the look!


Second Edit: Shorts

As Summer approaches it’s time to dig out your shorts, perhaps find after a year of University they don’t fit so well and you may need a new pair. Finding shorts which are well fitting and the right length could be a near impossible task, so why not just use an old pair of jeans? This will leave you with a great pair of shorts for the summer and perfect for festivals or hiking like on D of E– where you don’t want to wear a new pair.

To get the look:

1. Cut the shorts to a desired length with a pair of scissors- I suggest starting a bit longer than you expect then moving up slightly- you don’t want to cut too short and the shorts be unwearable.

2. Simply fold the new end of the shorts up once- about 1-2 centimetres should do it then use fabric glue each side of the shorts the hold the fold- I suggest putting a weight on top to hold it in place.

3. Once again fold the bottom and glue for a clean cut pair of shorts with minimal effort! If folding it’s best to leave a little extra length when cutting so they fit right at the end but if you’d rather leave the threads loose that works for a lost boy style.


It’s really easy to update your wardrobe using old jeans so why not give it a go next time you might need to get rid of a pair- it’ll give you a refresh and save some money!


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