Think Pink

It’s summer the sun is out, so are your legs and the BBQ- but what colour will you be sporting this year? My suggestion for this summer is to grab those pink threads out of your cupboards and wear them with pride. Some people won’t want to and this may be linked to a fragility of masculinity…yes it extends to their outfit sometimes! Wearing pink as a child was a horrific suggestion in my opinion viewing it as a “girl colour” but really anyone can rock it if they want to. I personally chose to focus on pink for the top half- which goes great with any pair of shorts or jeans depending upon the weather. So below are my top three pink picks.

1. Hoodie by H&M (£17.99)


Sure H&M refer to this as a light red colour but really it’s a pink! It’s one of my go to hoodies in the evenings because it stands out in a crowd and looks great with everything. When the evenings come in but you have plans to stay out into the early hours or want to take a late night wander to the beach this hoodie is ideal to slip on. The material isn’t too thick meaning you won’t be at risk of overheating but it’s still a high quality which will last you a long time!

2. Shirt by River Island (£15.00)


Heading to a party? A seaside dinner? Or just going out all day? My suggestion -grab this shirt, as I’ve discussed before a shirt is versatile and why not grab one in pink this summer? This checked shirt in pink with black is a stand out piece to showcase a great colour without blinding you as a hot pink shirt may. If wearing this with a t-shirt I would recommend white or black as a good pairing.

3. T-Shirt by New Look (£9.99)


Finally this t-shirt, one of my favourite finds recently because it will look great alone or paired with a jacket. It’s closer to a salmon than a strong pink but that might be better if you’re uncertain about taking the step to wearing pink. The flecks of white also add a little twist to the top making it different from your standard plain t-shirt but avoiding huge print pieces.

With all of these items I would choose blue, black or possibly grey denim for my lower half, black will make the pink stand out more but blue could enhance your bright summer vibes! But don’t put the pink away when the summer’s done, pink looks great when layered below a blue denim jacket and will keep your outfit bright in the darkening days of Autumn and Winter.


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