The End of the Beginning

Back in September I arrived at Uni with a car filled with my possessions, feeling well rested and excited to start a new adventure…now I have a few more memories, I’m exhausted and ready for a summer to recuperate for second year!

Looking back it seems strange how excited I was to move to University, then the nerves on the actual day -whereas now going into those Halls is just another day. The moving in experience is all a little strange, having prepared an outfit to give the good impression then waiting to receive my key next to a fellow fresher who could be living just a flat away (in reality I never saw this person again). Then once in the flat I realised i’d have to unpack what felt like my whole life into a small room, two cupboards and a shelf in the fridge- no small feat!

Fresher’s was a simpler time.

Of course moving to a new place is the main step but attending my first lecture had even greater pressure- of course I wanted to not only make a good impression on my fellow students but the lecturers. I left about 20 minutes before the start of my first lecture which was being held in a building 2 minutes away- I then sat in awkward silence with everyone else. Now I know the exact time to leave to allow a couple of minutes before the start…I even learnt the art of dressing in five minutes post nap to leave on time. This memory feels years ago now but at the same time the year has flown past.

Many people say first year doesn’t matter “you just need 40%” but really I felt a need to do my best in all my units so I could feel stable in my course. When first told to start a blog it seemed simple to just write about why I chose journalism but then choosing an actual theme…eventually I landed on style; wrote a piece about then President elect Trump’s style and then as they say the rest is history!

Finding little spots to photograph around the city.

Early on in the year I questioned my decision but ultimately that was a lack of confidence and homesickness, now I’ve basically finished my first year with good grades and passed shorthand at 60 words per minute a skill I only began in September. But going to University isn’t all about what you do during your lectures- I also had to deal with moving to a practically unknown city, now I see it as a home away from home. The best part of a new place is finding the beautiful or interesting spots to take photos as seen here and as featured above.

It seems my year at University has flown by, this is aided by the long holidays I’m sure, but I’m ready for whatever comes my way next year!


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