Festival Fashion

With the summer fast approaching, the festival season is nearly upon us! That means if you’ve got plans to attend one this year you better start thinking about what you’ll be wearing. A weekend in a tent doesn’t make dressing in style easy but nobody’s expecting Coachella level looks– so just a few simple tips could help a lot.

The most obvious suggestion is to largely take older clothes- this doesn’t necessarily mean unflattering pieces, just ones you don’t mind too much if they get covered in mud (it’s highly likely). Personally, I adapted 2 pairs of my old jeans by cutting them in half then rolling and gluing the ends for a clean finish but they could be left loose for a lost boy effect.

festival1.JPGFor you top half opt for some of those brighter or patterned tops to show your festival spirit. Continuing the top half of your outfit I would suggest purchasing a cheap raincoat- after all they can cost a lot and you don’t want to ruin or lose a £50 jacket in one weekend. If you get it home it’s great to reuse for future festivals or camping trips.

Your shoes are also very important and not just because everyone will see them when you use the toilet…but because you’ll be spending a lot of time in them. There’s no time when you can really remove your shoes except when you sleep, so opt for a comfortable pair that will be suitable for all your festival experiences. I chose a pair which were nearing the end of their life- and were binned post Reading festival. However, wellies are also very popular especially if it’s likely to be very muddy.

Finally your accessories, of course the bandanna is a classic festival staple -as is bright face paint. Often face paint can be purchased cheaply online prior or possibly even free at the festival so look around- it just adds a bit of fun to your whole look. With sunglasses, leave the Ray-Bans at home and go to Primark for a cheap pair- much safer at a festival. I would also recommend a cap (not to stop you burning like your mum might suggest) but for the last day when your hair is in desperate need of a shower it can act as a good cover while adding style to your look.

So if you’re heading to a festival this summer- go in style and rock the look to your favourite bands.


Image: Alex Saunders (iPhoneSE)


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