All About Giving Good Face

For many people it is normal to take care of yourself and have good hygiene; many of us strive to look good in what we wear but at what point does it become embarrassing to some men to look after their faces in particular? Frankly we need to embrace caring for our faces (some people’s “money makers”) -it’s not something to be ignored and it is the first thing people will see about you…literally.

Firstly, hair on your face… I’m not just talking about your beard here. Most men would not blink an eye at the idea of shaving and trimming their beards and moustaches- if they can grow one. Even if you can’t grow a beard you’ll shave the straggly few hairs which appear on your chin- so why is it different for eyebrows. Some men recoil at the idea of having their eyebrows plucked at all and will wince as though it is the worst pain they’ve ever experienced- unlikely if a stray football has ever flown low towards them though. But really would you rather be living with a unibrow like Count Olaf that is on almost no level attractive to anybody. There should be no shame in every so often checking you’re eyebrows and plucking those stray hairs so you feel more presentable.

For actual facial care I personally use a number of products and many men do too though some may shy away from products such as moisturiser(just as important to stopface1 skin drying) or even use of specialised products like a face mask. I often use LUSH face masks -currently I’m using Mask of Magnaminty- because they really take effect on my problem areas and leave me feeling refreshed. Men shouldn’t be worried about using a mask- frankly a person who cares for their skin will always come across better. And if a man’s masculinity is still risked the Lush pots are black fitting to the apparent colour scheme of any men’s products.

Guys, caring for your skin isn’t stupid. However, refusing to use products to help you look and feel good for fear of appearing unmanly is ridiculous- it would also appear you don’t have much belief in your masculinity either.



Images:Alex Saunders (iPhoneSE)


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