Scents & Sensibility

Whilst it’s one thing to look good- when people get closer they’ll notice smaller details about you including how you smell. Frankly, though people will not say it if you smell a little worse for wear they’ll make a judgement of you- perhaps unhygienic or lazy. But if you smell good then they’ll notice it and appreciate being around you even more!

Starting, with the most basic place to get a good smell- the shower! Opting for good

Living La Lime Loca. Sourced:Original Source

smelling products is the best for both body and hair- I recommend using a shower gel of one scent and shampoo/conditioner of another one because frankly it’ll be better for your hair and really do you want to smell the same post shower from head to toe? I use Original Source shower gel especially in Lemon or Lime for they are great post run or in the morning to feel fresh and awake whilst smelling great. Though I would avoid the mint and tea tree one- guys it can be just a little too cold in certain places…

For my hair I use Alberto Balsam- the smells are great without being to overpowering and it will leave your hair leaving refreshed. These are essentials to me as I use product in my hair daily and it needs a good clean to keep it healthy. Personally, I would opt for any scent but currently lean towards using the blueberry pair as it’s best for coloured hair or coconut for it’s exotic notes. With each type being geared towards helping certain hair just choose which ever is most suitable. And above all, all the shower products I use are generally available on sale for £1 each making them highly student friendly!

However, one area it’s worth spending a little more money is your cologne. Choosing a

No simple scent. Sourced: Lacoste

strong cologne is important but not one that’s so overpowering that it’s all everyone around you can smell. Trying different scents before deciding will be best as each person’s natural odour will combine differently with the spray. Personally I favour Lacoste Live! and have been complimented on it’s smell. The product also lasts a long time making it well worth the spend. But make sure you stick to cologne and put the body spray down- rarely these work to create an appealing scent- if it’s Lynx spray walk away unless you want to smell like a 13 year old.


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