The Key Outfits of Halls

As I near the end of my time living in Halls I looked back at 3 of the key outfits of Halls- mainly from Freshers, but of course these outfits may make reappearances later in your year.

1.Moving In-halls1(first day).JPG

An outfit for moving in to meet your new flatmates and potential friends for the next year or perhaps life-it needs to showcase you as a cool, stylish person whose not too uptight. You probably selected the clothes a week before to ensure you can impress these strangers upon first meeting, but in reality any cool factor will be minimised by the presence of your parents behind you! Though really everyone’s in the same boat so it doesn’t matter too much, this outfit will probably make a reappearance in your early lectures-as you again want to make a good impression but eventually many people stop bothering with dressing for appearance and some just forget about even attending lectures! I personally wore my favourite hoodie upon arrival because it allowed me to feel confident, right up until the moment I actually got left at Uni when I found myself a bit lost as to what to do. But in the end I managed to get on with University and often wore the hoodie.

2. First Night Out

halls 2(night out).JPG

The first night out at University is both an exciting and daunting prospect. It’s the first chance to meet the other people living in your building before lectures begin and an opportunity to go out in a new place. As you’ve never met these people before and have no clue how filthy a club floor can really be you’ll grab your glad rags. Of course the shirt and black skinny jeans are a classic look which may reappear on a night out- though often you’ll settle for a t-shirt. But the nice shoes…unlikely to enter another club as they’re replaced by a pair of designated clubbing shoes which are destined for the bin after a year!

3. Late Night Fire Alarm

halls 3(fire).JPG

The first time the fire alarm goes off in the middle of the night its a shock. You’ll grab the closest and most comfortable clothes you can to stumble out into the night with your fellow blurry eyed residents wondering which flat managed to burn their post night out chips. Generally, joggers and a hoodie will be worn for comfort; paired with flip flops for pure ease. In the future you’ll wear these on days you have no lectures out of laziness. As you near the end of the year when the fire alarm goes off you’ll ponder how likely it is to be a real fire, before eventually forcing yourself to leave to avoid hearing the whine any more.

Having almost made it through my time in halls with these outfits I can safely say I will not miss the fire alarms!


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