Style & Me: A Relationship

Today I love my style and the clothes I wear; I have received compliments on my sense of dress but it’s not always been this way.

IMG_1070 (2)
It’s always good to try new things like a backwards cap or different hoodie colours!

When I first began to choose my own clothes I wore a lot of slim fit jeans (which fitted like boot cut) and chinos with bright hoodies, these were not clothes which were particularly complimentary to me as I got older. I became very self aware of what I wore and actively avoided some pieces for I was worried about how people would see me wearing that.

It simply boiled down to self confidence. I often lack it and worry about taking bold steps to change my look or try something new just to see if it will work. Even today I worry about doing something with my style which may not work but if I never try I’ll always wonder what if! On Monday I took action to dye my hair to a dark blonde, I’ve ended up a dark ginger but actually like the final result; it just took that push to try something and it worked out!

The dark ginger hair was unplanned but paid off!

I started improving my style by buying a pair of skinny jeans in 2014, then fewer print t-shirts and generally slimmer fit pieces to really suit my body. Overtime, I have become much more comfortable in what I’m wearing and if I feel well dressed it can assist my self confidence too. If I think I look good on the outside I can feel good on the inside too.

Of course I still have some days when I question what I’ve worn but I try not to psych myself out and wear it with confidence, often it feels great. Other people noticing my clothes and complimenting them boosts my confidence but the ultimate judge and boost is when I see myself in a put together outfit and feel prepared to go out with confidence.


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