Summer Sun

As the Spring has come and the Summer is in sight many people are beginning to don the shorts and attempting to tan (then actually burning). So it’s important to get your look right this summer so you can look great from the start of the season!

Starting with the basics- shorts! I prefer skinny fit denim jeans and purchase mine from PRIMARK as they fit perfectly and come down to just above the knee. Three-quater lengths should be avoided as they generally do not look good when worn and the tan lines will be horrific.

For day time, a bright or block colour t-shirt will look great with your shorts making you stand out for the best reasons. The roller sleeves keep the outfit slim throughout and is ideal for summer when loose clothes can look out of place with the warm weather. However, in the evenings as it begins to cool a pull over hoodie will compliment your outfit perfectly.

In terms of accessories I find a metal watch looks great with your t-shirt to complete the look in a clean cut way. Of course head wear is ideal in summer- a baseball cap worn backwards brings attention to your face and will look great with sunglasses too (if you’re indoors putting your glasses on your top is best). For a festival vibe a bandanna will go well especially with more muted tones for the rest of your outfit. Bringing it to the bottom, flip flops are still an ideal shoe especially if you’re going to the beach or the pool but TOMS are a great everyday shoe with your shorts.

Whatever you wear if you take a bag out you might want an umbrella- this is England after all!


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