Living In Greyscale

IMG_1003I was once asked what my favourite colour is for clothes and soon realised the answer isn’t a simple one. In fact it really depends on the clothing item but here it’s clear- skinny jeans in black, t-shirts in white and hoodies in grey!

On the face of it this sounds so plain and boring, but really they’re the perfect colours to fill your wardrobe. All 3 give a clean cut and smart style, whereas sometimes too many colours can make you appear childish. I like to keep it simple but fashionable.

The black skinny jeans are my go to, personally I find black is perfect to give a slimming and lengthening effect to your legs; when you’re not that tall like me this is great. What’s more unlike blue jeans, black jeans can be worn with anything without any worries of clashing colours- blue denim jacket, bright hoodie or more black all work.

A white t-shirt is so perfect I own at least 3! They’re great all year round, whether worn in summer with a cap and shorts or in winter below a jacket or hoodie it will look great. I personally opt for the rolled sleeve t-shirts to cap it on your arm and stop it sitting awkwardly on your arm as it’s tighter. The white will look good with a bolder colour of jacket to bring subtlety rather than a competition for boldest piece.

Likewise, a grey hoodie can be worn with a colourful t-shirt to neutralise the look. Personally, I lean towards marl grey as it’s a lighter colour and goes with practically everything- but charcoal grey looks great with brighter colours too, helping accentuate the colourful t-shirt.

But though they look great with other colours, all together they create an ideal look- clean, subtle and stylish. Though by ear it sounds grey scale and boring, colour can can be overpowering so sometimes turn to those subtle basics which will still make you stand out from the crowd!



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