Backpacks Are Forever

The backpack, we’ve all had one. Perhaps for a while we strayed away in to that age of boys with messenger bags and girls with a bag which fit a single text book and a pen but many of us return to the old faithful backpack. They are timeless and ideal!

The backpack has recently comeback into fashion, though it never truly went away, as we’ve realised their simplistic brilliance. The backpack is ideal for all situations: University lecture- any books, folders, pens all kept together in your bag, shopping- bulks up to fit all your groceries in without the shocking cost of 5p carrier bag or even for a day out- it’ll fit your jumper, umbrella, sun cream (this is Britain after all- you must be prepared for all situations).

There’s also a huge number of designs of backpacks nowadays- you can get them in every colour and a variety of patterns! I personally chose a simplistic khaki design to ensure it would not look out of place whatever I choose to wear it with. So far it’s served me very well and I question why I didn’t return to the backpack sooner.

Deciding whether to wear you backpack on 1 or 2 shoulders is the only decision that you’ll ever have to make with the backpack (and it’s not that hard). After all, no longer is it a question of 1 strap is cool  and 2 is for the oversized bag of a Year 7- now it’s a choice of practicality.

Personally, I prefer to wear it on one shoulder for ease of getting it on and off -especially when just going to a lecture 5 minutes away. However, I suggest that when your bag is heavier to wear it on both shoulders- to distribute the weight evenly or when it’s particularly empty as this can cause it to keep slipping off!

Whatever you do wear your backpack with pride, because they are forever!


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