One Week Outfit

After a recent conversation about wearing the same thing on multiple days a week, I decided to try wearing the same outfit for not just two random days but five in a row! Now some big time millionaires like Mark Zuckerburg wear the same outfit every single day- saying it saves them a decision in the morning and makes their day simpler. If they can do it why not me? I would wear the same hoodie, jeans, shoes and jacket every day (unless I was going to the gym because that wouldn’t work), I chose the simple outfit for it’s comfort and knowing I would like wearing it. I decided to not tell anyone and see if they reacted at all. Here’s how it went.oneweekoutfit

Day 1- As expected this was a simple day because I’d decided the night before what I wanted to wear meaning I could quickly get dressed in the morning and get on with my day.

Day 2- Not exactly exciting- Tuesday is my earliest day so a time saver is appreciated but doesn’t give a great start to the day. I did have to break the rules I’d set too- but only because my washing needed doing and I’m all about being clean.

Day 3- Well feels like I got fat over night with my jeans feeling much tighter after a wash and dry! I am becoming used to my outfit but as Wednesday is a day off I would rather be wearing jogging bottoms whilst at home for a more relaxed time.

Day 4- Though easy to pick up my clothes and dress I don’t feel any interest in what I have on- whereas normally keen to always ensure look best and not re-wear outfits in the same week if possible! When I’m in my flat I do almost forget what I’ve got on, but when I go out and see people become much more aware in first moments of seeing them again.

Day 5- The final day! I am so glad it was finally there. Perhaps the worst day for self consciousness as saw many people for the second, third  or fourth time that week  and would always be dressed the same. Would people think me lazy?

Overall, I found the experience to be eye-opening, I understand that some people don’t have the option to wear different things every day and I am very appreciated that I am privileged enough to have that choice. I personally think it saved me very little time compared to self consciousness levels, despite nobody actually making any verbal comments I felt sure they had noticed and were questioning me internally. I know I was.


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