How To Style: Harrington Jacket

The Harrington is a great jacket because it’s so versatile! It will go with practically everything you wear and no situation is off limits.This black Harrington is a solid staple in my wardrobe, being black makes it even better as it goes with any colour- from pink to white to just more black!

1.Cool Casual

harrington1A black jacket looks great with a pair of blue jeans (a reverse of the styling of a denim) and highlights the colour on your lower half. However, why stop there? The black complements a bright hoodie too- this pink one from H&M. This brighter style with the comfortable jacket layer looks great in the cooler months of the year, allowing colour and comfort.

2.Spring Casualharrington2

Again the black jacket goes great with a pair of blue jeans but for those warmer months wearing just a white t-shirt and rolling the sleeves up will look great. This effortlessly cool look will be perfect for the evenings when it’s beginning to cool. The simple block colours go perfectly with the more exciting lining too! And as the jacket isn’t too thick it will not look bulky or out of place with skinny or slim fit jeans.

3.You’re Hired


At Uni you may not always have your suit jacket with you. If you have a job interview this jacket looks great worn with your smart trousers, white shirt and a tie- showing you’re still professional. But the well known jacket may help relieve some pressure for you making the interview less worrying. Just make sure you go in looking smart and confident whatever you wear.


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