Workout Wear

The gym. Sport. Exercise. Easy to view these as your enemy, but as a student it’s more important than ever that we stay healthy (dancing on a night out doesn’t cut it)! I find that dressing in clothes I like can boost my confidence, the gym is no exception. In fact the gym can be a daunting prospect- perhaps it will be filled with people who may as well be pro-athletes compared to you! That’s why I chose these items to ensure my workout starts with that boost.

gym2I wear Adidas tracksuit bottoms, yes the ones that every guy seems to wear, but I actually use them to workout. I find the slim fit shape means I can work out without feeling awkward about my stick legs or feel miles of material flapping around my ankle as I run.

On my feet, I currently wear Karrirmor running shoes- ideal as the majority of my workouts are cardio based. But they’re also great for when I’m short for time and use The Body Coach’s online workouts in my room. Buying a pair of good running shoes which will work for your feet is really important- and a worthy investment if you plan to exercise regularly. If you’re getting the right shoes get the right socks too to avoid your shoes rubbing.gym3

Now, PRIMARK work-out wear may seem odd but I find it’s great for the student budget. My grey technical hoodie from them is great for the gym, giving breath-ability but promoting getting your sweat on to! I currently wear just a plain white t-shirt below the hoodie, for such a low price and hides the sweat well it’s ideal for a student whose new to this!

gym1Of course even in the gym you need accessories. But I’m more thinking a great playlist some headphones (ideally ones that don’t fall out) and a bottle of water. These can really help when you’re flagging in the last few minutes of your workout to help you push through to the end.

Photos: Alex Saunders (iPhone SE)




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