Surviving A Student Day

Sometimes it can tough to get through your day as a student; we all learn little tricks to help us manage through the tough hours of our day. Of course naps are the amazing lifesavers we may need to use every so often but only at a last resort.

I find that getting up at the same time every day helps me get on with my day in a positive manner, my body knows it’s time to get moving and is ready. Perhaps 8:30 seems early but img_0125I’d rather get on with my day early and feel productive. Weekends of course are for lie ins and I don’t want to see daylight before 10! I’ve also moved my alarm clock away from my bed forcing me to get up and turn it off, once out of bed I might as well just get on with the day not hit snooze.

Preparation for my day the night before also really helps, I’ll ensure that my bag has everything necessary in it and will leave my gym clothes out on the relevant days. I also may piece together what I’ll wear the night before and place it on my chair just to save one decision in the morning.

With the gym I aim to go 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday as soon as I get
up. This really kick starts my day and ensures I keep on IMG_0126.JPGtop of my health- I focus on cardio mostly. My diet may fluctuate like any  University students but I try to remain fairly healthy, I also cook portions for at least 4 meals and freeze some. A huge time saver after a long Monday at University.

Finally, when all else fails a cup of tea (or any caffeine) during the day and anything alcoholic in the evening for a night out will help you survive through one more day!


Photos: Alex Saunders (iPhone SE)

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