About 18

Approaching my 19th Birthday I decided to reflect on my year as an 18 year old- what I learnt about myself and the world. Turns out a fair bit as it was the year I finished college and headed to University, that was just half of it!

1. Being an adult legally, doesn’t mean you’re ready for the world of adulting. Maybe at 21?


2. To love and accept myself- before I came out to everyone else I had to come out to myself in many ways- it was tough but I’ve never been happier since.

3. Being confident in yourself doesn’t mean arrogance. Just being comfortable with you are and letting others see that side of you is confidence it feels great.


4. People are always there to support you. When I was uncertain about my decisions to go to Uni, there were friends, family, tutors there to support me and guide me.

5. Uni can get tough. With essays, living with strangers and supporting yourself some days feel heavy- but you always get through them.

6. Cooking for yourself can be so much effort. But when you perfect a non-pasta dish it’s a great moment, even if it is a little burnt.


7. Food can be expensive. Especially meat, but I will never sacrifice chicken for the sake of a couple of pounds!

8. Pre-drinks! They are so important unless you want to spend a ridiculous amount of money at the club.

9. Clubbing can be great fun- unlike parties where most people feel to awkward to dance at first the club is full of people just having a great time from the moment you walk in.

10. Clubbing can be terrible. Free entry on a Monday doesn’t mean a great night it probably means a dead club you leave after an hour.


11. Hangovers suck. Accurate depiction of a hangover- just nope.

12. Nights in can be a lot of fun. All the laughs and enjoyment without the hangover the next day.

13. Make sure you enjoy what you do! I started this blog for a unit but continued it because I really like making these posts.


14. Dressing nice for you can boost your confidence too.

15. But hoodie and joggers Sundays are the perfect end to a week.

16. I miss my home comforts. There’s nothing like your own bed at home, I feel like I’m cheating on a better bed by sleeping in my below par University one.

17. Your past self will make you cringe. Timehop is a wonderful reminder of the terrible things you posted to Facebook… (note:Adele is still a joker)


18….But I wouldn’t change a thing from my past. We always look back and wonder what if, but now I see every trial I faced brought me to this point and made me the person I am. I think he’s pretty okay so I’ll keep looking onward.



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