One Man & His Shirt.

I am a big believer that every man should have a range of smart-casual shirts, they are a basic necessity! Personally I gravitate towards any that are checked because these just look great with anything. For such a great staple item don’t restrict yourself to just one style when there’s so many possibilities!

Firstly, the most obvious way to wear the shirt- the expected way. I wear the shirt done up to the top button, this gives a clean cut and smarter finish to the look. I also wore the sleeves down to add to the more formal look, however in warmer months rolling up the sleeves can look really great! I paired this look with the black chelsea boots as they continue the formal theme. Perfect for those date nights or family events.


For the second look I decided to focus on layering- especially great here for a slightly oversized shirt. Of course a shirt looks good when worn over a white t-shirt, however this is more appropriate for late spring, however in Autumn you can still layer up and look great! I wore a plain white t-shirt and grey zip up below the shirt to bring focus to the colourful shirt. This look goes great with a pair of white shoes as it pairs with both the t-shirt and shirt for a uniform style.  This looks great in the colder months with the warm coloured shirt bringing some excitement. img_0939

Finally, why not use the shirt as an accessory?  This look is ideal for events like music festivals, it looks cool but is perfect for evenings when it begins to get cold- simply untie and put on your shirt. Wearing the shirt round your waist adds some excitement to an outfit made up of the basic white t-shirt and jeans. This is also perfect those days when it’s too warm out to wear a jacket. I chose to wear ripped knee jeans to continue the festival style.


Every man should have a number of smart and casual shirts in their wardrobe as they work for so many events!

Photos: Alex Saunders (iPhone 4s)

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