Valentine’s Day

It’s nearly upon us February 14th, Valentine’s Day. Just another way the industry can exploit us for all we’ve got or the chance to show your love to a significant other- often a view which fluctuates depending on our relationship status.

I selected 3 outfits for the big night in Portsmouth, however if you’re single these will still be great for you!

1.The Classy Night Out- this outfit is all about looking your best and making a night out of your date, so put that suit on! A guy in a well fitted shirt and suit looks great meaning your date can start off with a positive and continue that way. I suggest wearing a red (the colour of romance and love) or purple tie (the colour of desire and passion) with a white shirt to really stand out. If you wear this outfit I suggest you take your date to Love Bites in the Spinnaker Tower -where you will enjoy food amongst the clouds at 105 metres above sea level. However for you singletons perhaps pop into the Casino and live out your James Bond style gambling dreams!


2.The Classic Dinner-Date- for this date look you still dress up but it’s little more relaxed! I opted for the black chelsea boots with black jeans and navy shirt. These are great to show a sexy and formed look. Plus don’t all psychics promise some tall, dark and handsome- well this style will cover at least the second base- the others are more genetics!  For this look take your date to a restaurant such as Cafe Rouge, Loch Fyne or Brasserie Blanc. However if you’re not taking anyone out on Tuesday I suggest you go embark on a Dirty Disco Tuesday at The Astoria- why not you look great and can still have a great time (but maybe change your shoes, we all know the importance of separate shoes for clubbing).


3.The Active Date- sure this looks more relaxed but it’s carefully been thought out, if your date will involve a lot of activity you want a slim fit, comfortable top and jeans- but not the skinniest items in your wardrobe allowing movement easily while still looking great. Bright colours will here enhance the joyous person you are and will prove to be whilst on your date. We all love someone who makes us laugh and the active date is ideal for these opportunities- I suggest a visit to the Playzone which holds an 18+ nights on a Tuesday (ideal this year) or to Flip Out. But if you’re alone this valentine’s- don’t be! Just get a group of friends together and go to one of these venues as well!


Whatever you’re doing this valentines, single or on a date, go out there looking great and feeling great!

Photos: Alex Saunders (iPhone 4s)



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