Cool in the Cold

Winter has come. And this winter is chilly, but that’s no reason to let your style slip. Here are some of the key items for your winter wardrobe to help you survive this winter.

  1. Jumpers & Hoodies– now I’m a big lover of these because they’re great for warmth, style and comfort! A slim fitting jumper looks great with a pair of skinny jeans, like this basics grey hoodie from TOPMAN. While jumpers are also great either plain or with some detailing, like this navy one. An extra tip for looking great in your jumper is tucking your tshirt into your jeans- this keeps you even warmer and avoids the neck line showing! But if you take the jumper off make sure you untuck to avoid major dad vibes.jumperswinter
  2. Hats & Gloves– now these may seem obvious but when worn right these can really round up your winter look. Of course, gloves are great for your hands where the cold seems to reach first so a thick pair are great (left) but many of us now can’t go 5 minutes without checking our phones- that’s where a pair of touch screen gloves come in handy (right) but considering they’re often thinner wear them on days when it’s not sub-zero! I find that a basic fisherman’s beanie is perfect in winter- I have one in burgundy and one in navy as these go with practically everything. I personally wear my beanie behind my fringe to draw focus there (and avoid appearing bald). They also pair well with my gloves giving a well rounded outfit.


    3.Hi-Tops- though it may seem odd a pair of hi-tops can keep the feeling of warmth in your whole body, these white hi-top converse (left) go great with practically everything and are widely recognised as a cool staple piece. However on those rainier days I don’t my converse to be ruined a pair of leather hi-tops are ideal. These hi-tops from Vans are extremely comfortable and if you’ve protected them properly will withstand the rain just fine!


Adding a jacket for when you go outside will bring your outfit all together and you’ll look cool in the cold but be warm throughout!


Photos: Alex Saunders (iPhone 4s)
NB:Some items pictured may not be available but similar items will be found in the links.



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