Doubling Up

Sometimes we love a colour so much we just want it everywhere in our lives! However what colours can you wear multiple items of without looking like a crayon?

doubleblackFirstly, black is perfectly fine! Your goth phase clothes were actually damn cool. Black jeans with a black jumper can give a great slimming effect. I chose to pair my black New Look jeans with this Topman jumper. The white in the jumper breaks up the complete full on black look which can appear a bit much, to latch onto this I also wogreyre white hi-top converse to give enhance the overall effect in a stylish shade.

A close relation of black- grey- however is not okay to double up in any way! As you can see wearing a grey top and grey jeans completely washes you out ; frankly overall appears bland. Sure grey is a great colour for your clothes but wear them with something else to make sure some personality is evident. Though separately these grey French Connectidoubleblueon top and New Look jeans look great, they just don’t go together. All grey belongs in black and white films- come live in technicolor.

Finally, double blue is great- when done right. I choose to wear a navy shirt with light blue jeans to create clear contrast between the colours- both items from New Look. Like a dark sea to a light sky- it looks cool, calm and collected. The two compliment each other perfectly and look great together.


Photos: Alex Saunders (iPhone 4s)

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