Suit Up!

There will be many times in your life when you will want to have a good suit- graduation, job interview or even the birth of your first niece. You never know when your suit will be needed so make sure you have a good one in your cupboard at all times.

The fit of the suit is very important, personally I opt for a slim fitting suit as this ensures I can wear the suit comfortably. Buying a suit which is too skinny may lead to it being skin tight and awkward, whereas buying a suit which is too large may lead to you resembling the after shot for a diet campaign.

Of course suits come in all types of colours- having only one due to my minimaformal-1l use of it I opted for black as the most versatile colour. Similarly ties come in a huge variety of colours and widths- here you can afford to have options! I generally opt for a slim tie to match my suit fit- as too wide a tie would look out of place. Currently red ties are very popular because they match a black suit to add a pop of colour and excitement to the look. Another tip: if you’re going to a formal event with a partner try to choose a tie which matches their outfit- choosing the same colour as their dress or getting a bow tie to match their tie.

Now to shoes, it’s highly important to wear the right footwear for your suit. Black or grey suits should be worn with black shoes generally. However, a navy blue suit could be paired with a pair of black or brown shoes depending on your preference.

Of course a good white shirt is important for your suit and if you want to become more casual- perhaps after a few drinks at your work do- you can remove the suit jacket and roll the sleeves of your shirt up. Alternatively you can wear the shirt in other ways for more causal occasions.



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