Runway to Wardrobe?

Fashion is a very different thing to every person who says the word. To some it is their every day style, to others it is the popular clothes in the shops and to some it is the out there pieces seen on the catwalks and runways.

However of those fashion pieces on the runways do people really purchase these items and wear them, if not what is the purpose of the extreme runway outfits?

It certainly isn’t for the every man who will not be able to afford such items, is it then just to inspire celebrities Met gala outfits?

To answer this we must remove ourselves from our position of seeing these clothes as just clothes. The outfits seen on runways may sometimes be purchased by the rich and famous, others will appear in stores months later when brands pick them up but some are purely for the show.

Of course the designer will select extreme items to showcase, knowing full well that journalists will feature these items in their stories- effectively advertising the designer at a much lower cost than a campaign! Some of these extreme ideas are merely for show and other pieces will not be seen on the runway but available for the buyers. However it those pieces on show which spark the interest.

Source:Getty Images

Many of us may scoff at the outfits and odd decisions made by designers- models with wooden planks covering their faces… but do not view it as clothes but art. Now it is a grand statement of expression much like pieces you may see in any art gallery.

Even the smallest of ideas from the runway may spark a trend on the highstreet- colours, cuts and styles of the season may begin from a piece featured on the runway.

Sure, we won’t be seeing these wild designs in our local PRIMARK anytime soon but they may have influenced the pieces you do see and buy more than you realise.



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