Leave It With 2016

A wardrobe clear out can be as feel good as buying new pieces (without the stress of attempting to make more room). Here are so fashion trends I would rather leave in 2016.

1)Joggers In Public.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Now I’m all for owning a pair of comfortable joggers for those hangover days or just not going out nights. But in public no thank-you. They just give the wrong impression of laziness that is surely the last assumption you want made about you. Students already get a pretty bad rap! I will happily stick to my skinny-stretch jeans which I find just as comfortable but with style!

2)Distressed Clothing.

Photo Credit: New Look

Sure a pair of jeans with a few rips I get it, it’s cool maybe even edgy to some. But tops and hoodies filled with holes on purpose, why? I don’t want my clothes to look moth-eaten. Even this model looks sad that is perfectly good top has been ruined. I’d rather buy a full top and any top I do wear with holes in can be safely assumed to be part of a Halloween costume.

3)Longline Tops.

Photo Credit: New Look

Not quite a good old baggy oversized top or jumper, just extra long with normal fit otherwise. Okay but why? Again baggy clothes are great for those comfortable days or a looser look. But longline just makes you look shorter- perhaps why I hold disdain for them with my height.


Photo Credit: Heelys

Sure these shouldn’t be in a student’s wardrobe but if you see a child in them ask yourself the same question I always do. When did these come back? Weren’t these banned in every town centre going? Why do these exist instead of affordable self lacing shoes?

Of course everyone of these items can be pulled off if worn with the right outfit, so to anyone wearing them well I commend you.





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