Why wait?

New Years night, you’re a drink or two or ten down and suddenly everyone’s hugging and clapping because another minute passed which led to a new day, a new month, a new year!

Of course nothing has changed in the last sixty seconds but everybody will act as though it is the new start we needed because we’ve conditioned our minds to believe everything can change as we lived through to another year.

Every year we set resolutions to change our lives this year- loose weight, drink less , exercise more but we say it all begins in the New Year not a moment sooner. Why?

It seems ridiculous that we set each change in our lives to begin in the future with some insignificant beginning to give it some meaning- the New Years, the starts on Monday’s, the oh well I’ll do that next months.

I suggest we stop this nonsensical procrastination. Rather than telling ourselves we’ll start another day, we should start today. Whatever the goal we might as well get on with it. We’ll feel better for starting sooner right?

Inside we know once we’re underway with this new challenge we’ll feel the benefits but there’s always the worry of starting, so we foolishly put it off for another day. So rather than using time properly to get our goal achieved, we waste time fearing the grand start date we have set.

New Years resolutions are great to assess the changes you want to make but there’s no reason you have to wait until 2017 to really get on with it- get a head start on yourself!

That’s why I’m going to get started straight away with any of my goals I think of… well in 2017 at least!


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