Me & Journalism: A New View

Back in September armed with a laptop, many notebooks and a copious amount of booze I felt prepared for whatever University could throw at me! Well in just a term that drink is gone and so are half those notebooks, but at least I have my laptop-now filled with lecture notes.

Of course the early weeks were preparing me for the year to come but didn’t feel I had much to worry about. Perhaps, I thought each unit would present challenges that I could overcome quickly (wrong), the first was being told to start a blog.

This blog. A challenge? Yes.

I had no clue what to write about. Eventually I realised I could do a menswear style blog, after all I have a personal interest there so why not? Now I find it a joyous part of my week- writing a post for myself more than anyone which I then get to share with others. This is the core of personal journalism to me.

Even once armed with a theme I faced challenges; when told to write about the presidential election with an appropriate angle I felt lost but somehow I managed to spin out a piece! It was the first post I shared publicly, the response to the piece shocked me- in the best way.

University itself has at times been tougher than expected with my self doubt overcoming any apparent abilities, as I questioned my position on this course. However, by talking to lecturers, family and friends I found myself becoming more aware of my options which freed my mind of the stress, before I saw that this is what I want to do!

Looking back on the very first post for this blog- Journalism & Me– I see how I gave myself a new voice through this blog, now I aspire to reach a higher platform where I may give others a voice too. It’s viewing this I see myself as now part of the other side of journalism- a creator too allowing a new perspective. University has allowed me to grow as a person in many ways, and it’s only been a term so far!


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