Loving Your Skin

The student lifestyle- unhealthy food, alcohol and stress! Let’s try to clear that up. Your skin can easily become spotty or oily but there a many products out there to help you keep it clear! Having a number of skin products in your routine is a great idea to ensure your skin stays fresh.

1. Clean & Clear- advantage clear & soothe foaming wash (£4.99)


The wash is recommended as a daily usage and I find it’s great way to feel fresh in the mornings. This product has a faint hint of aloe vera which I warmly welcome and the foam allows you to look like Father Christmas if you so please! Unlike some products this wash doesn’t leave my face feeling stiff, just ready for the lectures of the day.

2. Clean & Clear- dual action moisturiser (£3.25)


In cold, windy Britain our faces take quite a beating and can become dry so I moisturise each night to tackle this problem! Using an oil free moisturiser is best for your skin as it hydrates it without adding oil- a common cause of spots.

3. Soap & Glory- Dr. Spot (£8.00)


This tiny tube will last forever. It’s great to use on those pesky spots you just will to go away, it dries them out and heavily reduces them. It is  well worth the price tag due to it’s effects and how long you will be able to access them.

4. Lush- Cosmetic Warrior (£6.95)


Another one to help those specific spots, this face mask lasts me on average a month using it every 2-3 days, it feels great when putting it out of the fridge as it cools your skin and less than 10 minutes later you can wash it off. It’s like your very own spa treatment in your tiny flat!

Images:Alex Saunders



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