Just Jeans?

Black skinny jeans. The ultimate trouser. Guys we can wear these for everything- nights out, lectures or even a date! Once you find your perfect pair they will go with whatever you choose. I decided to compare high street jeans to decide if cheap jeans or a slightly pricier pair of jeans would be suitable to replace my usual New Look pair. I visited 2 different shops and found a pair of skinny stretch jeans in 30/30 my current size then judged how they suited me.

Firstly TOPMAN (£38)


These jeans appeared perfect on the hanger, real dark black, skinny in appearance and high quality feel. However when I put them on they were too long in the leg and fitted more like a slim fit jean- more suitable as you reach your late 20s perhaps. However for me I would require a smaller size as these jeans didn’t fit comfortably with extra material bunching around the bottom.  I would look at TOPMAN jeans in future for the high quality as long as they don’t have a button fly (the worst) like this pair.

Next I went to PRIMARK (£10)


I didn’t have high hopes for such cheap jeans but they were surprisingly a good fit in both waist and leg. However the bottom of the leg was very loose creating an almost flare look, the colour too was much more faded than my other jeans. However for cost they would be good for a night out you expect to get a bit messy! 

Overall I chose to stick with my current favourite jean provider New Look whose jeans cost about £20. Although it is a good idea to shop around for jeans especially if you wear them every day like I do and next time I need new jeans I will make sure to check out these stores to due to the huge variety they had in the denim section.

Whose your favourite provider of jeans?


Images:Alex Saunders

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