Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Footwear is the key to securing a perfect look, it’s one item every student can afford to have a good selection of.

PRIMARK Invisible Socks

First things first: socks. Men’s socks should be heard of but rarely seen, as they create a distraction taking away from the overall outfit. When wearing my low top-shoes which are a number one item to own– it is best to wear invisible socks- hiding any evidence of socks. This ensures juxtaposing sock to shoe isn’t seen, leaving a much neater style.

VANs High-Top Leather Shoes

However when wearing  high tops or formal shoes, black ankle socks should generally be worn. Black socks are perfect as they match every outfit and don’t create an unnecessary distraction at the base of your outfit. Attention should be to your shoes not socks.

Laces… frankly they’re a nuisance, many shoes have laces which are too long and when tied hang out unattractively, dragging on the ground.

I opt to tie my laces to tie my laces inside, one eyelet from the top then tuck them in, this creates a clean finish to your feet without long laces dragging in theground.

Shoe Zone Canvas Shoes

Whenever wearing jeans or chinos you should roll them up at the bottom two or three times. With low tops this will expose the ankle and with high tops ensure they’re not competing for space. It creates a neat ending to the look and brings attention to your footwear in the best way possible.


Images:Alex Saunders

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