Basic Essentials

As a student the number of clothes we can afford or even fit in our box of a room is limited- however certain items are just worth it!

Shoe Zone Canvas Shoes

Starting from the bottom- a pair of white canvas shoes are cheap and perfect for many occasions. A pair of low top white canvas shoes are ideal for students, they pair well with shirts, t-shirts, even hoodies meaning they can be worn on a night out and then with comfort in lecture the next morning. There are many retailers selling these as a cheaper option to the Converse they mimic making them perfect for a student.

New Look Stretch Skinny Jeans

Next black skinny jeans are practically perfect for everything, everyone and every outfit. Skinny-stretch pairs such as mine are especially good at fitting comfortably whilst not becoming baggy- and still fit after eating all the home cooked food you can, just because didn’t have to pay for it.


 A black jacket…more black clothes? Well the Harrington jacket in black is perfectly timeless it is well worth the cost. The jacket can be worn with a shirt and tie for those job interviews or layered with a zip up hoodie and block colour t-shirt for a casual style.


Now finally casual shirts like this, are suitable for so many occasions and can be worn in a multitude of ways making it ideal. My one in red, checker is a great colour scheme for autumn/winter. I often choose to wear a shirt buttoned all the way up with rolled up sleeves, however this is just one option.




Images:Alex Saunders

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