Terrible Trump Traits

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has become a huge public figure in the past year. With so many public appearances his style (or lack there of) has become evident. Using this I will explore 4 ways  how not to dress- offering alternative styling options more applicable to younger guys who will recognise the many flaws of Trump’s style (clothing and otherwise).

1)Tan. Many people have noticed the strange orange hue of Trump’s skin- likely due to poor fake tanning. It is only made more obvious by the white circles around his eyes.

Donald Trump in Chicago

Trump’s eyes pop with lack of colour (source)

If using fake tan I suggest minimal usage of a light shade ensuring full coverage or just go out into the sun for all natural look.

2)Hair. Perhaps Trump’s most famous asset for all the wrong reasons. His hair is mid length all over and then swept backwards or across his head.

A more suitable style I suggest is a short back and sides paired with similarly short on top- such as Barack Obama- or blending into a slight length on top. This look is suitable for all situations and more manageable overall.

3)Baseball Caps. Very few people can pull off the forward baseball cap well. Trump is not one of them- perhaps he’s just trying to cover the hair. But the peak creates a barrier, it also can lead to you looking like your mother when you were younger. Mr Trump also chooses caps with his own slogan on ‘Make America Great Again’ which adds distraction and sense of immaturity.

Trump wears a personalised slogan cap (source)

If opting for a cap select a plain,darker colour such as black,navy or even burgundy which will adapt to most outfits. Wearing a cap backwards also suits younger gentleman as it allows focus to the face whilst appearing youthful.

4)Range of Colour. Most of us own one main, generally black, suit for any formal events. Mr Trump wears a suit daily however his too is always black with a simple blue or red tie generally. This shows no personality but simply appears he must dress this way.

If working in a job where a suit is necessary every day it is an idea to invest in variety of suit colours- adding a navy or grey suit  to your selection means suits will last longer and allow different shoe or tie combinations to compliment style. Red ties are particularly good to add a pop of colour to an outfit whilst not appearing garish.

Whilst Trump’s style may not be particularly high standard it is relevant to young people showing us the traits to avoid.


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