Styling The Gentleman

Stylish, cleancut, modern- just a few ways to describe today’s street style and blog MENSWEAR STYLE ( With many lifestyle blogs available aimed at women there are few blogs relevant to men interested in style. However MENSWEAR STYLE manages to cater to practically every man’s lifestyle blog desires.

It is sectioned off into six main areas- ‘Fashion’, ‘Lifestyle’, ‘Style’ and ‘Grooming’ contain the bulk of posts, whilst ‘Offers’ and ‘Shop’ are also available. These categories allow users to easily find relevant posts quickly.

Although the fact that the ‘Grooming’ section appears particularly lacking in content-just 177 features- compared to ‘Fashion’- with 785- would suggest it is catered towards certain areas.

The home page presents an array of photos headed ‘Street Style’; users are able to view a larger image of an individual photo with one click. These photos are accompanied by links to sites from which the key items of the outfit may be purchased.

When users access the blog the site’s latest podcast also plays. The addition of an audio element adds to the readers experience as they’re both visually and audibly drawn into the blog- effectively ensuring all attention is on the blog itself without external distractions.

Despite certain areas having minimal content input compared to others the blog in general is very easy to navigate and clearly allows a user to explore many areas of interest. With high interactivity to hold the user’s interest.

Screenshot (5).png
Street style- allowing men to buy items seen in the featured outfits.

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